Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls Just wanna have fun! (Guys too hehe)

These girls are so cute! Seriously. They have so much fun with each other- well one minute they are best friends then the next minute they are fighting or saying "You're not my best friend!!!!" but they always make up. And Martin does a great job of cheering them up when they are sad...well, only if they are sad for a good reason. He also does a great job playing that rough house play I avoid at all costs (yeah for me!).

Last weekend we went to the Science Center (those pics up later) and also had a nice dinner at my Aunt TT's house. Lily stayed with Auntie Joeleen on Saturday night so Kendra and I did some shopping- and she did so well  helping me find some new shoes- though she was trying to convince me to get some fashion boots and some crazy looking denim sandals.

Why does Lily look goofy in every picture? She's just a goofy kid I guess...

Lily: It takes a long time for people to die.

Lily: I eat lots of food so I won't die.

Ugg. Downer child. For real.