Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Asking too much???

OK- so here is my complaint.

Lily got a great new winter coat from Auntie Joeleen for her Birthday- very spiffy- removable lining, hood- reversible the whole works-really. Lily loves it. That day it was 65 degrees last week, she was wearing it- fleece lining and all. Her teachers had to pry it off of her before she died of heat exhaustion.

She also wore it to school last Thursday- the same day APPARENTLY some one at the school thought it would be a good idea to paint a wall that literally every kid has to walk by several times each day in order to get to the outside play area- in the middle of the day. I learned from her teacher that several children (teacher included) got paint on their hands and coats. Um house paint-as in non washable. Lily's brand new coat has streaks of white paint all over it.

Whose brilliant idea was this? Painting? Inside? With small children around? What about the fumes? Why couldn't they paint on the day of the month they so conveniently close at 4:30???

I am somewhat well known at the day care for- how should I put this?? Making my opinion known- passionate really about the kind of care/education my only daughter is receiving. To say the least I am not happy about the whole paint situation.

Part of me is saying "Let it go- it's just a coat! Not life threatening, accidents happen blah blah blah."

But the other part is saying "Hello?? Is there anything going on between your ears??? Are you going to reimburse all these parents now whose children's clothing was ruined???? After all the money I pay each month. What next? Turn the lights on people. Use your brain get engaged- be thought full- stop the auto pilot. Your actions,believe it or not, cause reactions- large or small. "

So that's my rant for the day. I'll probably just let this one go but jeez that irritated me.