Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We interrupt our usual broadcast...

Sarah and John Pell are amazing people. I haven't seen them in seven years- but check out their blogs Emma Pell and Family and The Story of a Family and you will know too. The two of them while I was at Western were: inspirational, smart, funny, dedicated, and possibly the best mentors around. (Don't blush guys!) And after this many years through the power of Facebook I ran across Sarah's name. I had been thinking of her anyway but couldn't for the life of me remember her married name. Oops. Then one day- everything happens for a reason, right?- her name came up in the "Friend Suggestion" section. It was good timing here's the meat of this post.

I found out that John and Sarah continue to be amazing people and are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia- a little brother for their cute 2 year old daughter Emma. But it takes a village, right? And of course money to make their dream a reality- to give this special little boy a chance in life. On their website they have a link to the Abba Fund- this company is helping them fund their adoption. Click the link for more information.

If adoption has touched your life- or the life of someone you know- or you feel compelled-or are looking for a way to fulfill your random act of kindness for the day- please take the time to donate as little or as much as you feel is right- or if you can't donate today but know someone who might be interested- would you mind passing their website on?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen. I know its not my usual topic but I'd love to see them reach their goal- and I know they would too. Thanks again.