Monday, August 24, 2009

Pre Mid-Life Crisis????

So I haven't been posting a lot lately or even taking very many pictures. I think there are a couple reasons for this:
1) Time. I swear my life is flashing before my eyes. As soon as one thing is finished another thing starts and before you know it a year has gone by and nothing has changed. Ok, maybe not a whole year but seriously past the everyday mundane stuff I absolutely have to get done and sleeping a bit here and there I swear I have very little actual time left over. Bleh. Kind of annoying.
2) Motivation. Or lack thereof. When I get two seconds to myself I've been on a reading kick. Diana Gabaldon Outlander series- the first book. So playing on my computer doesn't seem as enticing as reading this great story for like 30 seconds at a time between boiling the noodles for dinner and getting the frozen veges out of the microwave. Seriously. I read in between steps cooking dinner. That's when I find time- oh and about ten minutes at lunch time. Unless I decided to be unreasonably tired the next day and stay up after Lily goes to sleep- very rare however. Anyway- I guess that is the roundabout way of saying...meh...I think I need a little break then maybe I'll have some new ideas. Which brings me to my next issue. Don't worry I won't run out of issues- I promise.
3) I have great ideas for posts but then get so busy I can't remember what they were or never have the time to devote to a seriously written post. Grr. Or like today I made some really cute baby shower favors for the shower at my work together and I forgot to take a picture to post them. Dang it. I always give my work away and then remember that I wanted a picture- not even just to post but for future reference in making other things. Double Grr.
4)I can barely begin to describe this issue but it has to do with peace, a simple life, feeling restless, the devil and other such interesting things. Read The Devil and Mrs. Prymm by Paul Coelho. It really gives some perspective on the good and bad in people and how paradise can also be hell. But not necessarily. I know-cryptic- but it would probably end up being a several page essay if I got into it. Moving on...
5) The last thing I am dealing with right now is feeling like I am making a difference in this world. I mean I recycle, donate when I can, help people with their finances at work etc etc..but I'm just not sure it's enough. I got another email from Heifer Project International the other day. I love their program. For years I have wondered how I can do more with that company- other than donate money which I don't really have. Ug. So frustrating. Everything costs money!!! Everything. And it keeps coming back to me - how can I do more??? Now I know you're saying, wasn't your number one issue time? Aren't you crazy for wanting to take on more? Very possibly.... I don't know. But I have to change something or else everything will stay the same.