Monday, August 10, 2009

Loads of fun

I ended up taking Friday and Today off so I've had an awesome long weekend. Lily was with her Dad for part of it- so while she was gone I kept really busy. I cleaned the carpets (thank god- they were so gross!), made Baby Shower favors for the two ladies at work whose shower is next week, did lots of shopping (I really need a filing cabinet, but I couldn't find the "one"). I also hung out with Brianna at her house and we went on an adventure Sunday afternoon organized by the Meetup group she belongs to. We went to River Valley Ranch in Fall City that makes specialty cheeses from Goat, Cow, Yak, and Water Buffalo milk. Very tasty- we got to have a wine and cheese tasting and tour their farm. So much fun- so many cute animals. Afterwards we drove a short way up the road to Snoqualmie Falls. The falls were at a pretty low volume but it was a beautiful warm day and lots of fun.
Stay tuned (probably later today or tomorrow) for an update on our trip to the zoo today- for now I have a four year old demanding that I "get off that computer!"