Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cabin Fever

After the snow we just had to get out of the house so we decided to take the girls bowling. Lily had never been before but she did pretty well doing granny bowling and using the bumpers.  

Kendra actually managed pretty well copying what Martin and I did. She threw a couple good throws and used those bumpers a few times to get some extra pins.
Both Martin and I were extremely out of practice but did ok anyway. I don't remember it being so expensive though! My goodness!

Then we went to my youngest brother Alex's basketball game- he plays varsity at his high school. Go #50! The girls brought their pom poms and dressed in school colors. Lily was too shy but Kendra stood up and cheered quite a bit- using her newly learned cheer skills.

The next weekend the girls performed at a girl's basketball game half time. Both girls got up in front of everyone in the bleachers and did their cheer- more following the cheerleaders than actually remembering the routine- but still good. I was very proud of their courage and lack of stage fright! I would have been so nervous!

Now we're gearing up for another week. Lily finally has a long term substitute starting Monday. We've got Valentine's day parties to get coordinated and Martin is starting his busy season with more hours at work. We did have a very nice "spring preview" this weekend though- with temperatures in the mid 50's. What?!? Martin wore shorts and sandals and the girls rode their bikes at the park. Come on Spring!!!