Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lunch Menu Analysis (OMG did I just say that??)

On Tuesday Lily ate pretty much everything I packed (even the celery!), threw the leftover yogurt away (yay!) but didn't drink the juice. Oh, and I was right about packing too many graham crackers.
Wednesday Menu: Bagel Pepperoni Pizza, Pretzels, Apple slices, yogurt and juice.

She ate everything except the juice and since I packed the yogurt in a tupperware container, she had a little leftover to eat as a snack on the way home. She said she loved the pizza (yay again!).

Thursday (Today) Menu: Bagel with cream cheese and jelly, cheese and crackers, carrot sticks, sliced peaches, yogurt and juice.

So far no more near disasters and she seems to like the choices so far. I'm hoping she doesn't get bored of the selection too quickly...but then we just come up with other ideas, right?

I am also thinking about putting the menu on a rotation.  Once we get more settled in to what Lily likes I will make 5 weeks worth of menues- then just continually rotate through them. I think it will make planning and shopping much easier.

Honestly, I am kind of proud of myself because I was really stressed about the lunch packing. I think mostly because I was worried Lily wouldn't be getting enough food and would be starving all day long. But it is starting to come together and doesn't seem as difficult- other than having to get up earlier. I need to do more prep the night before 'cause six o'clock in the morning is a big bummer!


Next week is Mid-winter break so the scheduling is really different at the preschool(and you have to pay extra to go that week!). We decided to take her down to my mom's on Sunday to stay until Wednesday- which should save a little money. Plus she hasn't been there for an overnight since the summer! Time flies I guess.

Here is the kicker though...I have Monday off and so does Martin so we are going to take advantage of a day we can spend together just the two of us! I know we are going out to eat somewhere but other than that- who knows??? So excited.