Saturday, February 5, 2011


We've been working a lot with Kendra (and Lily too) with her letter and letter sound recognition. She is struggling some in that area and since these are really the entire foundation of reading (which is the foundation for pretty much everything else in her education), we've been coming up with as many avenues as possible to reinforce these concepts.

This week I bought Bananagrams which is similar to scrabble- really just a huge set of letter tiles with a set of "game" instructions. The actual game is fun I think- Martin and I played and liked it. For the girls though we've been coming up with a bunch of variations that are more do-able  for their age. What I really like is that the game can grow with them as they get better at reading and their vocabulary grows. What I also love??? First thing this morning instead of asking for cartoons they asked to play with the letter tiles. LOVE IT!

Last night I led them in a more structured activity, so this morning I just let them play. This is what they came up with.

Kendra wrote this to Lily

In case you can't read it Lily sounded out the word "History"
 We can't wait to come up with more fun stuff. If you have any ideas for good word games let me know! Or if you need some ideas I am willing to share more of what we've come up with!