Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello? Anybody home???


Well, on one side it is completely a WAHOOO!!! On the other side moving is absolutely exhausting. Remind me of that next time I think it would be a good idea to move. Or just remind me to not collect so much stuff. Geez.

Actually we moved nearly everything within a few hours last Saturday with the help of some very helpful family members...HOLLA..Joeleen, Dat, Briana, Rick, Julie, Dad , Diane and Alex...thank you all!!! But now we have a bunch of little stuff left over plus all the cleaning at the old place and...the daunting task of unpacking. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment- there is just so much to do...I hate living out of boxes...but there are only so many hours in a day- and at least a couple have to be devoted to resting.

Lily's new bedroom!
Lily has been doing really well though. I think since this place is sooo much nicer and bigger and SHE HAS HER VERY OWN ROOM!!! the transition hasn't been too hard. She has even been sleeping in her room without waking up or getting scared or calling for me or anything!!!! Actually she has quite the cold/cough and is pretty tired anyway...last night she was coughing so hard I came in to lay with her for a little while trying to help her sit up and not cough so much. Finally the cough medicine kicked in and she was fine- out sound asleep.

Poppa says her big girl bed is going to be ready for her this Thursday- so her bed won't be just a mattress on the floor. Then...pretty soon he'll get the other bed together and it will be a bunk bed for the both of them. I know Kendra is excited- Lily is convinced she wants to sleep on the top bunk- but when she see's it I am sure she is going to change her mind. The bunk beds will be so nice since they will still leave lots of floor space for them to play.

Floyd has had a smooth transition as well- only hiding under the bed for one night- now he owns the place. Seriously. He thinks he runs the joint. Whatever.

This weekend- as long as we finish the cleaning on the old apartment Saturday- we hope to do something FUN!! I think with all the craziness of moving lately I've really missed just going and having some fun time- with or without kids. I am just realizing that even though I may not be a kid...all the fun kid stuff we were doing really helped energize me and made me happier (among other things!!!).

So...I am done with all this adult boring stuff...I wanna go have some fun- get crazy silly and dance.