Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In loving memory...

Dear Grampa,

So much has changed in the last four years. I wish you could have been here. My entire life you were a constant figure. Most of the time quiet but still always there. Since you've been gone I feel like a piece is missing. Sometimes I still think you will be sitting in your chair when I come to your house. I expect the scanner noises to come on or hear your voice saying the prayer at dinner time. I remember the last words you spoke to me "Hey sweetheart" before you were too sick to recognize me and just holding your hand after that.

And then there is Lily. I wanted you to meet her. I wish you could have watched her grow like you watched your children and grandchildren grow. She is an amazing child though more of a challenge than I could ever have imagined.

We miss you.

Love always,