Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Budding Artist

I always leave Lily's art supplies out on her easel. She has pretty much any and all supplies she could possibly need from chalk to paint to stamps and stamp pads. She has crayons, pens, scissors and glue. Her favorite for quite some time now has been the watercolor paints with paint brushes. While there is usually quitet the mess on the kitchen floor (and a couple of times on the carpet, oops!) I love leaving this stuff out for her and seeing what she can come up with. We always find interesting projects to do. We cut and glue pictures from magazines and right now she is working on quite the interesting chalk drawing with her easter egg shaped colored chalk. This week though she discovered a bit of a new "art" for herself. She picked up my camera and I told her which button to push. While I can't say that she is a photography genius at the age of three or anything, I thought I would share a few of my budding photographer's very first pictures. They could very well be worth something someday. Of course all of her art is worth something to me.

Here she is also doing a bit of painting. I love how she's really concentrating on what she is doing. We may not recognize any of the shapes she makes yet as anything from reality- but who says she won't be an impressionist???