Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another month has passed

The girls started school last week and seem to be adjusting to the new school year quite well. It seemed like an easier transition for Lily since she knew she would have the same teacher again. Kendra, of course, was excited for something new. She was disappointed at first with the teacher she got but quickly changed her mind when she realized how many friends are still in her class.

Once school starts the rest of the year seems to go so quickly. The weekends fill up fast and all of a sudden it is Christmas, right?

I hope I get some time to slow down a bit between now and then but we already have a lot of fun stuff coming up. So who knows.

Here is a project we did last weekend and put up in the living room today. I did the background and the texturing then we all did the splatter painting. Believe it or not it was Martin's idea to do a family splatter paint project!

I've also been working hard using the food from our garden. I've got tons of frozen green beans and carrots. We made pickled onions, peppers, green beans, carrots and pickles! So far we've only eaten the pickles but they were very good. I made sun dried tomatoes and fresh spaghetti sauce that was super yummy and sweet. I've been eating all the squash since no one else really likes it. Last week we finally cut the 4 pumpkins we grew off of the vine. I think they should last until Halloween.

I've got lots of ideas for our garden next year- what to do differently, new stuff to grow. I've been trying to make a kind of garden calendar because with so many plants growing it is hard to know what to do for each of them when. I just realized I have no photographic evidence of any of the work we've done since way earlier in the I guess those pictures will have to wait.

Miss Lily is turning 8 next Saturday. Hard to believe she was 2 when I started this blog. She's grown up so much. We've invited her friends over next weekend for her first birthday slumber party. I now realize why these parties are so popular with parents- so much less expensive than going somewhere or renting a place. We've got some pizza and cake. Kids bring sleeping bags and...we're good. It'll probably be a zoo at our house but they will have a blast. Totally worth it.