Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Mariners Game

We got free tickets to the Mariners game last weekend for all four of us. It was Lily's first time at a baseball game and it was really fun to share that with her. I remember going with my Grandma for the first time at about the same age. I love watching baseball even though I don't take the time to watch very often. Growing up spending time with Grandma, the game was always on so it brings back a lot of good memories.

Last Sunday also just happened to be "Kids Run the Bases" day. Both girls ran all the way around the bases- along with about a thousand other kids- but what a chance!. So cool! I was totally living vicariously through them at that moment : ) Lily had no qualms at all running without me. We were very proud!

The next best part was that the entire afternoon cost just $6 plus gas. It would have cost nothing but Martin couldn't resist getting a hot dog. So many hours of wholesome family entertainment on the cheap is totally my kind of day.

These kids have no idea how lucky they are!