Saturday, June 9, 2012

And Life Goes On...

First swim of the season for the girls
Well, I survived my surgery (if you were wondering why I completely dropped off the face of the blogging world). Unfortunately, practically nothing goes as planned in my life (or anyone else's???) so my recovery process has been much more arduous than originally anticipated.

Although the cholesteatoma is gone, and I have a revised mastoid, a rebuilt eardrum and a partially rebuilt hearing bone- I have only limited use of my left arm. A neck positioning error during my surgery compressed some of the nerves going from my neck to my shoulder and arm. The official diagnosis being Brachial Plexitis or Brachial Neuropathy. A fairly rare injury in itself according to my physical therapist, also a fairly rare presentation of the effects of the compressed nerve- severe scapular winging which goes with nerve pain from shoulder to fingers.

So I'm home- still- since pretty much May 18th- and I'll be home at least until the end of June because nerves heal slowly. Painfully slowly. I've been avoiding posting anything here because typing just isn't that comfortable. Though I've managed to find a decent position this morning in the recliner with pillows in the quiet while everyone else sleeps.

My worst case scenario was not making it out of surgery (crisis averted there), but I just assumed if I survived that I'd be back up and around for the most part within a week-ish. So I planned accordingly not dreaming for a minute I wouldn't be able to work for more than a month. Not considering that I would be dealing with 4 doctors, more prescriptions than I can count, Short Term Disability and all the lovely paperwork that goes with that. But here I am and so it is.

Of course I am looking for a silver lining here...I get to spend a little more time with the girls as the school year winds down. I have some time to think and plan and I know this too shall pass. Life keeps on keeping on. There are still dinners to cook and chores to do, school functions to attend and believe it or not I'm still turning 30 next week.

One of these days I'll find the energy to post pictures of the talent show, John's birthday, Kendra's science fair and whatever else we have piled up on camera's memory card. Now I'm just going to go enjoy some quiet.