Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once goes on.

So much has been going on...this is the story of my life though. It always seems to be pretty crazy no matter what the intention is. I've struggled lately to put much of it down in print. Emotionally I have been struggling with some major stuff- my boss unexpectedly passed away on the 16th, Lily's anxiety (as yet undiagnosed) is out of control, I turned 30, and next week I am going back to work part time. I'm dealing in my own way- struggling some- just taking one day- one minute- at a time.

Amid all of this we were busy...
Lily sang with her class in the talent show

Kendra danced for the Talent Show

Kendra's class science project on Bean Sprouts

Field Day Tug-o-war

Field day Parachute play

Lily Graduated from Kindergarten

Kendra Graduated first grade

First summer craft project- Tie Dye Shirts

Floyd helped with the summer homework
 Hoping the rest of the summer will be crazy just because we're having so much fun...