Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feels a little like spring...

I know we've got ages to go before spring really comes but this weekend felt like a little taste of spring...beautiful weather- not too cold- a little sunshine...it feels like I haven't seen the sun in weeks.
We went to the duck park yesterday since I had the day off and Lily finally rode her bike again. They have a nice little walkway that is relatively flat and smooth- she did really well pedaling and steering. I fixed on of the training wheels so it felt more steady for her and not so tippy- that made it much easier.

The other night Lily used this piece of wood to rock out and jump on the bed (the wood is a guitar- get it??)

Lily: This is not from the human world. (talking about her chapstick- oh sorry, I mean "lipstick")


You know you have been working at a credit union too long when..
...you have a dream about arguing with a teller about the Funds Availability Policy at their credit union.