Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally the Golden Gate Bridge

So I walked like three miles and got this close to the bridge...then I realized if I got went any further I was going to be like four or five miles away from my hotel and it would be getting dark well before I could get back. That didn't seem like the best plan so this is as far as I went. Oh well. So beautiful...though I think in the morning with the sun "in front" of it, from my perspective, it would have been even better. The orange color would have been more prominent. Anyway...I saw it...and there's proof I was there (I managed to set my camera on a timer and take a picture of me with the Bridge in the background, yeah me!)

Then I found some place to eat that had live jazz music and really great Chowder in a bread bowl. Yum. I caught the Cable Car on the way back up cause by that time it really was getting dark and my feet weren't going to live through a mile or two uphill back to the hotel. My dumb old camera though just was not taking the kind of quality pictures I wanted so I think pretty soon it is time for an upgrade. Everything kept coming out blurry and the "night scene" mode is a total joke.

Well, enough blabbering from me, on with the pictures. I'm coming home tomorrow already....wish I had one more day of exploring but oh well, I will get to see my Lilypoo- who, by the way, has hardly noticed I have been gone and is having way too much fun at Poppa's house. I don't think she is going to want to come back to boring old Mom. Good thing I bought her a present so I can bribe her! Ha ha! See you all soon.