Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Blur

I got a Kindle Fire from Martin for Christmas. It can do pretty much anything my laptop can do except blogging on it would be a huge haven't posted anything in forever. The Kindle is my new best friend though, seriously love it. So here are a couple of pictures from our Christmas Holiday which went by so fast it all still feels like a blur and I still feel like I am recovering.

Put a mustache on it.

Do you like our cozy fire??

Snugglin' with Papa

Pillow Pet mania.

OMG. More matching jammies!

Deven loved the flashing lights!

Kendra "fainted"...Disney Sing It was a hit apparently

Famly Photo...why could't we get one this good *before* sending out our Christmas Cards?

What a whirlwind. Now we're onto bigger and better things for 2012! Bring it on.