Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wednesday What's up

Wait, what day is it?

We've had A LOT going on lately. Here are some bits and pieces of what we are up to (at least until I have time to upload some photos)

**We bought an early Christmas Present** A new camera! So now we can take some great pictures Christmas morning. Can't wait!!!

We went to the Warm Beach Lights of Christmas this last weekend. It was FREEZING!!! But, it was so beautiful and we got some awesome pictures with the *new* camera.

Kendra had her winter concert last Tuesday evening and Lily had a Gingerbread House Building Party on Thursday evening. I felt like the whole week went by in a whirlwind.

Our biggest news though...due to a change in circumstances Kendra is coming to live with us full time and will go to Lily's school starting in January. We are all very excited...though it will mean a big change in our daily schedule (I'm sure we'll have some adjusting to do with both girls). So that means we are busy making plans and making some changes in the girls' room to make it work!

Oh...and don't tell Lily but her teacher emailed me to say that she will be presented with some type of award at the Winter Assembly next week. I am going to surprise her and be there for it...but she doesn't know yet so shhh : )

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!