Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Proud Mama

I got an email from Lily's teacher last week that she had won an award and would be presented with a certificate on Tuesday at a school assembly. She said it was a surprise to Lily so I had to keep it to myself.

I had no idea what to expect- maybe the whole class had gotten one or maybe it had to do with the food drive we participated in. I didn't know either- but I made sure to take a little time off work Tuesday morning to be there for the assembly.

The principle began the "Panther Pride Awards" by saying that just two students from each class had been chosen by their teacher for various reasons to receive the award. Of course the Kindergartners were up first. Lily was recognized by her teacher for her outstanding growth in reading and for being a responsible, safe and respectful learner (one of the school's "catch phrases").

I was so proud of her...seeing her walk up on stage to accept her certificate, knowing that other people(not just me) see how great she is! My heart swelled and I cheered and clapped for her. My sweet girl...getting so big and learning so much. Sometimes I hardly recognize that girl is the same one I used to hold in my arms and rock to sleep- doesn't seem that long ago at all.

Way to go Lily! Your Mama is very proud of you!