Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where does the time go?

Can you believe in June I'll have been in Seattle for 3 years!!??!!!??

Lily was only 20 months when we first got here- she was so tiny...and had so little hair! Now we've got the big 5 on the horizon!

I can't believe how much has changed. Lily has grown at least a foot and never ceases to amaze me with the words that come out of her mouth,"Perhaps Floyd will eat my dinner Mommy!".  I see how different I am after all we've been through. I never would have guessed this is where I would get to in my life but I am happy. Happy with where I am at and where I am going. Hopeful for a promising future...

I want to move healthy...stay challenged...get fully...relax.

Stay tuned for cute pics!!!!