Monday, April 19, 2010

Of course it rained at the fair....

We did the Puyallup Spring Fair this weekend...we got soaked but made the best of it I think- with relatively few complaints- until the very end when we were all a little tired. I'll post the link to the web album but I just had to put this "series" of photos up. Poor Lily. But it was just too much fun and hard to resist...

Here we are on the "Bear Ride". I should have taken a picture of the outside- they were very cute and seemed fairly non threatening to the girls. We decided this would be the ride we went on all together- to use up the last of our tickets. I wanted the Ferris Wheel- but Lily was terrified of how high it went. So we get in and they are excited- neither of them realize that this bear is nothing more than a glorified "tea-cup"- Martin is excited because with how strong he is- he knows he can really make it spin- really.

The ride is about to start...I think they were reconsidering...too late!
OMG OMG OMG get me outta here!
I'm the worst. She'll probably have a fear of rides for the rest of her life. Martin spun the sh*t out of that thing- Lily at first seemed ok then as it kept going and going got scared then started screaming- "Make it stop!"
Finally the ride came to a stop and she couldn't get off fast enough...but she did it- and she went on the canoe ride and rode the pony all by herself too. So she did really well--ahh but that face- priceless.

Of course we did other fun stuff that didn't involve torturing them- games and food and animals- but I'm sure that ride is all she'll remember.

Click here for more pics. Hope this works....