Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's 2009 already somewhere in the world!

Can you believe that this is the end of 2008? I am a little disappointed because I like even years more than odd years and the number "9" is definitely not in my top ten favorite numbers, but what can you do? We had a great year this year (I even put together a little 2008 Year in Review Slide show which some of you have already seen- the rest of you will get to see it soon.)

This next week marks one year in our apartment which will soon be a new thing for me- living in a place for more than one year (Gasp!) Since I moved out at age 18 (8 years ago) I have lived in 13 different places- some for as little as a month but none for more than 12 months. I guess this means I am growing up..maybe. Unless my landlord decided to raise the rent to some ungodly amount then I will have to reconsider.

This weekend I really realized my little girl is not a baby anymore either. I mean I already knew it what with the talking back and the tennis elbow from carrying her up the stairs but just looking at her she really looks like a little girl now. She's more proportionate size wise and she puts two adjectives in a sentence to describe something. Last night she said, "Mommy, what is that thick brown ornament you have?" It was my little duck in a nest ornament from "Santa" that I got in my stocking. So articulate and her vocabulary blows me away sometimes. She was mad at me the other day and said "Mommy you are just horrible." Wow, thanks kid. I wanted to say "Well, sometimes you are horrible too." But I held my tongue. We have many years ahead of us for deciding that one.

Happy New Year all! We love you and thanks for making 2008 very special!