Friday, September 26, 2008

Two nights away...

Lily is with her Dad this weekend...and for the first time in her life will spend two nights away from me. I think this is good practice for the three nights I will be in San Francisco next month for work (oh my goodness, I am so excited!!!) I am sure I will miss her more than she misses me but I have lots of stuff to do this weekend to keep my thoughts otherwise occupied.

First tonight, thank-you Briana for free Mariner's tickets. I know they suck this season but oh well. I love watching baseball. It'll be great but probably cold so I am going to get seriously bundled up- probably so much so Briana won't sit next to me because I will look like such a dork. Seriously, with like a winter hat and gloves plus my winter coat and don't forget my pink fleece blanket. Well, it's Lily's blanket but I am going to borrow it. So there. So if you watch on tv just look for the nerd wearing all the clothes like it is snowing out or something (even though the weather channel says its still in the upper fifties.) Anyway.

And for tomorrow I have to say thank-you in advance to Joeleen and Danielle for truly spoiling me for my special evening out with Micah. They are coming over in the early afternoon to help me with my make up (apparently Danielle is an expert, whoo hoo for me!) Then Micah is going to pick me up and whisk me away for a romantic evening at the Paramount seeing Phantom of the Opera and dinner afterwards at Canlis. I could seriously get used to this!

I don't think I will want to wake up from this dream weekend and have to come back to reality Monday morning- but I am sure I will have plenty to brag about to everyone at my office!

Oh, and last night Lily stayed up late with me and we watched Survivor together. She loved all the Jungle animals they showed and I got to watch for once. Whoo hoo. I guess she will have to be my new survivor buddy. It was fun though because we made popcorn and Lily sat in my clean laundry basket (clothes included because they were warm from the dryer). We also shared mugs of green tea. Ah my girl. I am training her well, no?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too.