Sunday, September 21, 2008


My darling child is three years old 8:56 am this morning to be exact. How quickly these last three years have gone- and how many amazing things she has learned.

In this last year she has built her vocabulary to amazing levels. She has worked really hard on Potty Training (as you all know), she can get dressed herself for the most part, and memorizes song lyrics and short stories.

She can also listen to stories way longer than those baby board books too. She makes jokes and knows when she is being silly and how to get a reaction. She loves to help me out around the house by doing dishes, helping sweep the floor, cleaning the toilet and she even helps me make pancakes some mornings. She has made new friends at school in her new Preschool class.

She's struggled with being independent and her sheer will to get exactly what she wants. She has faced her fear climbing on the toys at the park- and now does it on her own. She is working on sharing even though it is really tough and working on using her words when she's mad. She is learning empathy and wants to give me a hug when she see's I am sad.

All in all, she's my wonderful three year old girl. I am so happy to be her momma!