Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks Gramma Deb!

Lily got to spend two days home from school this week with Gramma Deb. I heard they had a lot of fun (I still had to go to work )but I did get to eat mom's cookin'.... YUM! The weather wasn't too nice but they just got to spend time together which I know Lily liked a lot. There were cooking projects and art projects too. We can't wait until she gets to visit again.

My plants are doing ok. There are twelve tomatoes but they won't seem to turn red : ( I am really trying. I hope I at least get a few good ones. We'll see.

Not much else going on with us...summer is winding down, which I can't believe and Lily will move to the Preschool Room on September 2nd- when the older kids go back to school and some space opens up. I am excited for her but a little nervous to see how she does in a much bigger classroom.