Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hi Everyone!

We've had a busy couple of weeks! Two weeks ago we went to a brand new park in Bellevue with Micah and his son Elliot. We all had fun together running around and exploring for the afternoon.
Lily has also been working really hard on Potty Training. Her teacher says she is ready to start transitioning to the Preschool room now because she is doing well and having only a few accidents. I love not having to buy so many diapers!

Lily has also been developing quite and imagination. Her playing includes all kinds of interesting scenarios now. She plays with her animals and I hear "Mommy" and I keep thinking she is talking to me but really she is just in her own world with her imagination.

I've been pretty busy too though I did take two days off last week for some "me" time. Micah and I explored the UW Campus (more like he showed me everything since he went there). I also had time to clean up my house and do all the errands I'd been meaning to get around to forever. When I went back to work Wednesday I actually felt rested and ready to go. Nice!

At the park twice now Lily has actually played with other kids. This is so awesome for her because most of the time she is so shy she doesn't want to play with kids she doesn't know. She still wanted me very close by but it was still great. I guess one of these days she won't want me around at all so its fine with me. Anyway, with so many people and strangers around I want to keep her in my sight at all times!

Grandma Deb is coming to visit this week…yeah! We can't wait to spend time with her. Today we are at Poppa's house again. We're going to have a BBQ dinner here since my apartment is sooo hot. Hope you are all doing well.