Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We're alive!!!

I honestly haven't even thought about this blog for months it seems like. Between the holidays and crazy life I've been just barely been getting to the daily stuff- much less the peripherals. Now things have slowed down a bit (at home anyways, work continues to be all out insanity). Hopefully we'll get back to updating around here a bit.

Lily took an after school martial arts class. She broke a board with her karate chop and got a white belt! Very exciting. She also took level one (and passed) swimming. Boy did that keep us busy for a few weeks there.

Then there was Christmas tree cutting, The Lights of Christmas, and Christmas too. 

The holidays always go by too fast. I wish I'd had more time to relax and enjoy but our girls were happy and that's matters more in the end. These are the Christmases they are really going to remember. Part of me can't wait until they are old enough to tell the stories of their childhoods : )

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