Monday, March 18, 2013

More work on our yard

I'm never going to want to garden again after all this! We spent another weekend of labor in out the back yard. Things are starting to look better. Finally the progress seems more measurable. We've got a couple more weekends of hard work before it becomes  maintenance work rather than complete overhaul work. So here are a couple more pictures (this time I got a few before pics!).

Kindly left by the previous tenants: a pile of rotten wood, a carpet, some buried garbage and lots of loose leaves/yard debris.
Northwest corner Before picture

We're not done yet but we're getting there. We found a ton of bulbs growing back there that we replanted once we cleared the area. We'll see how they turn out. We also planted some leafy shade growing plants (I can't remember their name), which will help cover  the fence damage and we'll plant some more grass later too.

 Here comes the big part!! We took out part of the "useless" fence and it completely changed the whole look of our backyard. It feels bigger (which is a bit overwhelming) but way more open and less dumpy.

Martin Posing for the before picture
Another Ugly before pic


 When we began digging over there we discovered the railroad tie went under the fence and made the perfect shape and size for our garden! Martin rototilled the crap out of it and once we sift a bit more and get that weird bush out of the corner (lol) it will be perfect for tomatoes and lettuce and sunflowers...can't wait! Can you even tell it is the same backyard?

We're going to have a yardwork party/bbq pretty soon - we'll need a bit of help with the last few parts. I'll be sending out an invite soon!