Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ice Skating

Lily was invited to a birthday party at the local ice rink. She had never been ice skating before and she wasn't sure she wanted to go. She told me she was afraid she'd fall through the ice. I laughed a little then explained there was no water beneath the ice only concrete. She didn't really believe me.

We went anyway and she held onto the wall as I skated beside her and held her hand. After a lap or so she let me hold onto her in front of me and I pushed her around the rink. She was very afraid to fall and cried a bit here and there out of that fear but she mostly got over it. It was a good experience for her- outside her comfort zone but still safe enough. It is hard to know what is too much and how far to push her beyond what she thinks she is capable of. This time I think I got it right.

I need to start taking more pictures around here...I'll post some of our new house soon!