Friday, June 6, 2008

Ok- a few more pictures...

Lily Blows Bubbles The first snow of the season

Lily in her new shoes Three little pumpkins!

Lily asleep on the Bathroom Floor Want some easter candy Mommy?

Here are a few picture "highlights" from the last year. We have had some adventures that's for sure! Everyday Lily gets more and more personality but also more energetic I think. Getting her to sit still even for a minute to get a good picture is hard. I swear I have more pictures of the side of her head than anything because by the time my camera takes the pictures she has finished her cute smile and "Cheese!" and has already moved onto the next interesting thing (probably something shiny! HAHA.) Yesterday I caught her putting on my chapstick and looking at herself in the mirror. Then she put a ring on one of her stuffed animals and said "Isn't he beautiful!?" Where did this girly-girl stuff come from? Who knows- not to mention that fact that she pretty much won't wear anything but a dress- luckily I can usually get a shirt and pants underneath though so she isn't cold!